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Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi Turkey


As being the first fine art academy in these territories, the school had established in 1882 by Osman Hamdi Bey who was one of the pioneering figures of the westernisation movements in the Ottoman Empire’s last periods. In 1978 “The Institute of Photography “established under the constitution of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts and became a representative of institutionalizations in photography education in Turkey. In 1994 it transformed into Photography department which comprises art photography, advertisement photography and documentary photography subdivisions. Photography department is consistently renewing itself with integrating the knowledge of MSFAU tradition which been developed more than a hundred years ago with the energy and dynamism brought by being one of the youngest departments of the university.


The Photography Application and Research Center, FUAM, is a non-­‐ profit organization within the oldest Fine Arts Academy in Turkey, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, by the faculty members of the Photography Department in 2014. FUAM launched it’s first project in 2015, aiming of supporting young photographers fromTurkey for their production of Photobooks.

FUAM aims to;

– Support artists working with photography in the contemporary art world in which photography is used extensively.

– Organize workshops, seminars and exhibitions, ensuring coordination with local and international organizations and initiatives.

– Carry out researches on photographic archives and also create its own archive.

– Create new projects, working on combining photography with new technologies and disciplines.

– Contribute to the development of Turkey’s photography environment also through creating publications on all these activities.


FUAM had organised the first Photobook Festival in Turkey, ISTANBUL PHOTOBOOK FESTIVAL aiming to bring together the photobook production institutions, independent non‐profit groups and self-­‐publishers, to increase the visibility and exposure of young artists from Turkey who are producing in the field of contemporary photography, and to connect them with the domestic and international audience.

ISTANBUL PHOTOBOOK FESTIVAL held for two days with a schedule that consists of seminars, discussions, and face to face photobook evaluations with international photobook designers, photobook curators, self‐publishing photographers, and publishing house owners. As well as the first FUAM DUMMY BOOK AWARD had given with the sponsorship given with the sponsorship of NIKON Turkey to allow for the creation of a real photobook from the winning dummy.




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